How did the only image of Our Lady imprinted here on earth come to appear on the tilma?

Around the 9th to the 12th of December 1531, The Blessed Virgin Mary imprinted her Holy Image on Juan Diego’s tilma – a rough piece of clothing made of woven maguey fibres that are extracted from the Mexican agave. She revealed to Juan that she was ‘the Always Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God” and all mankind.

This sacred and miraculous Image is still with us today, nearly 500 years later, still intact and preserved in its original condition, having survived a bomb and an accidental acid spill which would have destroyed or damaged the tilma.

As an Aztec, one look at this Holy Image would immediately bring to mind the cultural symbols that were important to this people, from the top of her head down to her feet. Each part of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Holy Image carries a supernatural significance, parallel to the symbols used by the ancient culture of Aztec. Because of this, multitudes converted to Christian Faith over the next few years.

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