Our Special Relationship with the Knights of Saint Columba

Our Special Relationship with the Knights of Saint Columba

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Since 2013 the work of the Guardians and the National Pilgrimage Tour of the Miraculous Relic Image has been greatly enhanced and supported by an informal partnership with  the Knights of St Columba (KSC).

The KSC undertook to promote, provide security, and manage Pilgrim numbers at the majority of venues.

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The strengthening of this special relationship between our two organisations escalated this year from the previous informal arrangement into a formal National Partnership Agreement which was signed in Glasgow by the Guardian’s National Coordinator Visits and the Supreme Grand Knight KSC.  This Agreement evolved from an already established KSC Service in the USA and Canada.

The Guardians gratefully acknowledge the help and support received from the Knights of Saint Columba and recognise that it has made a major contribution to the development and success of the National Pilgrimage Tour.

We look forward to building on this special relationship on implementation of our future development plans.