Dick Gardner, RIP

Dick Gardner

We offer our thanks and prayers for Dick Gardner who died in Bedford on Saturday 16th July, 2022. 

Dick’s funeral will be on Wednesday 24th August at 10.45am St Joseph’s, Bedford.

Dick will be greatly missed by his family, friends, the KSC and the Guardians of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Dick was always gracious and gave much of his time to help in many ways, gently and faithfully.

Dick had been a Guardian since 2012 and made many visits with Our Lady’s Relic Image with the National Tour over many years. He assisted with stewarding, the repository and in his capacity as a Knight of St Columba, he acted as our first KSC Liaison Coordinator.  In March, 2020, Dick wrote a short reflection on his association and we include this here: in his own words…

Knights of St Columba National Partnership

Personal Reflection by Dick Gardner

(Guardian of Our Lady of Guadalupe and KSC Coordinator)

From the very beginning when the image of our Blessed Lady was handed over to the Diocese of Northampton and the setting up of the Shrine in the church of the Holy Child and St Joseph, it became clear that the Guardians would require help with running of the National tour and the various one day and weekend events.

At one of our local KSC council meetings, I said this would be an ideal role for the Knights of St Columba who were perceived at the time as being a group of men who worked in the church, did car parking duties, helped at functions and did good works but were not very good at making known what a magnificent organisation it is with its three core tenets of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

Little did I know that my words went right to the top and suddenly we had a National Partnership agreement between the Knights of St Columba and the Guardians of Our Lady of Guadalupe! The Knights took on the role of providing practical support at all the venues Our Lady’s Image visits. It also gave the Knights a high profile especially at veneration time.

It has been a wonderful experience to be the first National Co Ordinator between the Knights and the Guardians working with brothers from across the country and all the help from the Supreme Knight and his fellow directors, KSC head office staff and Provincial and council Grand Knights. It has also been wonderful for them to join us regularly for the Feast Day Mass in Bedford and we are grateful that they have often made long journeys from Glasgow and many other parts of the UK.

Dick Gardner (centre left), Southwark Cathedral 2017