Guardians Donna, Dick and Barbara visited the Church of Our Lady of Canvey and English Martyrs, Canvey Island, on 19 February 2020 to start planning the Pilgrimage Visit there on the weekend of 3 – 6 July.

Fr Eamonn Power, the parish priest, and his parishioners Cathy and Kerry met us with great warmth and enthusiasm and provided coffee and a tasty and most welcome lunch.  Fr Eamonn told us a bit of the background of Our Lady’s parish, and how he hoped the Visit would bring great benefits to this parish as well as the parishes of nearby Benfleet and Rayleigh.  The morning was spent planning the timetable, including a Pro-Life event and a healing service, along with all the practical arrangements, and after lunch we went into the beautiful church with its mosaics of the English martyrs on the wall behind the altar.  This was to decide where the Relic Image would be placed during the Visit and where the repository would be set up.

Barbara subsequently wrote to the Headteacher at St Joseph’s, the local Catholic primary school, inviting the children to come to the church on the Monday morning and learn more about the story of the Relic Image.

We are sure that the parishioners of Our Lady and many others will be greatly blessed by the Visit.