Joyous celebrations at Luton

Parish Priest Father Simon Penhalagan, his parishioners and the local Knights of St Columba were very happy to have the Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in their midst on a joyous four-day pilgrimage visit to St Martin de Porres Church, Luton from 15th to 18th November 2019.


Beautiful flower arrangements

Special thanks go to Chito Contreras and his team who organised a full programme of events including a Healing Mass, Praise and Worship, Holy Rosary and school visits, which attracted crowds of pilgrims of all ages to a church resplendent with beautiful flower arrangements and sashes and ribbons in the colours of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There was even a magnificent display of blue and green balloons in the hall, and a large paper rosary with a prayer on each bead made by the pupils of nearby St Martin de Porres Primary School in front of the altar.

Special thanks, too, to Mrs Maureen Malone who led a wonderful and tireless catering team who provided constant meals and refreshments for the Guardians, Knights of St Columba, parishioners and visitors alike. Parishioners, too, contributed to a delicious variety of traditional bring and share foods, uniting the whole community in celebration.


Fr Simon and Knights of St Columba





Chito and team



Rosary made by St Martin de Porres students


Talk by Guardian Barbara


St Martin de Porres School at Mass of Return


Guardian Donna thanks Fr Simon and everyone in the parish, especially Chito as key parish organiser, and caterer Maureen and team.


Presentation to Fr Simon Penhalagan and farewell to Luton from the Guardians.