Report: Pilgrimage Visit to Youth 2000

The visit of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Youth 2000 in 2019.

The weather was clear, hot and dry for the 2019 event of Youth 2000. These were perfect conditions for the van with the Miraculous Image and her Guardians Petrit, Martin and Peter. We arrived on the Walsingham site at around 10.15 am on Saturday 24 August.



This year, even more than before, the whole event was very efficiently organised, with well-defined and secured fields of camping tents, parking and the main events and catering area. We were assigned a tent to share with large photos of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, so Our Lady was in excellent company. After generous help unloading the van and setting up, we opened the travelling case to set the Image upon the stand. Providentially Father Gabriel was there to lead us in some joyful prayers. It was a very good start to the day.


There were visitors throughout the day, some staying before the Image for a long while. The tent was in use for other purposes, so it was not always available for visits. This probably helped to make this a more quiet and contemplative, but very worthwhile, occasion of Youth 2000. As Father Gabriel said to us, “The presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe here has been a blessing to everyone”.

As we started to return the Miraculous Image to the travelling case a group of late visitors joined us in a final Hail Mary before the lid was closed; really a perfect end to the day. Thanks are due to Youth 2000 for their helpfulness and hospitality, and to Petrit for his safe driving as always.


Guardians Petrit and Martin