Greetings from Zimbabwe!

Greetings from Zimbabwe: Better Hearts, Better Homes, Better Fields!

We were pleased to welcome the Lumino group to the Shrine on Saturday, 13 July 2019.  The group are all members of the Guild of St Anne and devised their name locally, Lumino, as a combination of Luton, Milton Keynes and Northampton but it is interesting that it also means ‘light’!


They are a group of Zimbabwean women who belong to the Guild of St Anne and are affiliated to St Anne in Zimbabwe where the guild was started.  Most of the women were members back home so they decided to continue here in Diaspora. The recruitment drive is high and there are also other guilds like Sacred Heart, and other Marian guilds. St Anne’s Guild also works together with St Joachim’s Guild who was St Anne’s husband.

They follow St Anne who was Mary’s mother: a prayerful woman, a patron for the sick, patron of those who have problems to conceive, patron of virgins and patron for those who work in dangerous jobs for protection, and patron of widows and orphans.

They try to follow the footsteps of St Anne as Christian women to make their families and homes better as well as the church and neighbourhood.

As the St Anne Guild has grown and expanded throughout England and Wales so they have divided themselves according to different dioceses or towns for management purposes. At first they used to meet at the London Stock Newton Church but because of the increase in number, the Bishops in Zimbabwe have appointed two chaplains to work with the group in Diaspora.

The LUMINO group has a Zimbabwean Mass once a month in the two common languages Ndebele and Shona and the gatherings alternate.

Northampton alternates with Milton Keynes and Luton alternates with Bedford.

The members are all Catholic women, married or widowed and practising Christians.

In addition to their work with the Guild, they also attend their local parishes and participate fully in church activities.

They pray in their houses and support each other in many ways as they work for God, the family, the Church and support others.

Their MOTO IS BETTER HEARTS, BETTER HOMES, BETTER FIELDS which is really beautiful.  May their work and attitude inspire all of us to better hearts, better homes and better fields…

Our thanks are extended to Mrs Chakanyuka- vice secretary of LUMINO for this information and for her help in organising their visit.

Thanks also to Fr Nathaniel and to John and Mike, two of our Guardians, who helped to make them welcome and provided refreshments and a short talk on the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe.