Fraternal Cross of KSC visits the Shrine

The Fraternal Cross of The Order of the Knights of St Columba (KSC) visits the Shrine.

Report by Guardian Dick KSC Coordinator.

Brothers from our KSC council gathered at the Shrine for the visit of the Fraternal Cross of the Order of the Knights of St Columba. The Cross would be with us for four days before ceremonially being handed over by our Rector Canon Seamus to the Brothers of the East Anglia Province to continue its Pilgrim Journey.

The idea of a Fraternal Cross was promoted as a focus for members of the Order to gather together to pray and socialise. To this end, it has been successful and has completed a number of pilgrimages across the country.

The Fraternal Cross concept started in Wolverhampton in the Midlands some years ago. Powerful links were made with fellow Brothers of the Knights of St Columba in Scunthorpe in the east, London in the south and Swansea in the west thus simulating the shape of the Cross-geographically across the country.

Following the example, an International Fraternal Cross now resides with our Brother Knights in faraway places: South Africa, Ghana, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and nearer to home Ireland.

Now on its journey once again, it is a symbol of our Order reminding us of the sacrifices Our Lord made on the Cross for all of us.


KSC Brothers from the Shrine present the Fraternal Cross to a representative from the East Anglia Province


Rector Canon Seamus and KSC Coordinator Guardian Dick Gardner receive the Cross from Brother Phil Hills