Donation box is back!


Repaired and strengthened donation box

On 15 August 2018 the wooden donation box at the Shrine was badly damaged when it suffered an attack with a large piece of masonry. It was taken out of service and to the home of Guardian Martin Kay, who is a retired carpenter, but who on this occasion worked with metal to strengthen the box, completely surrounding and edging it with aluminium, and adding fixings so that the box could be attached to the wall in the church by chains.

On 31 October 2018 the donation box was returned to the Shrine – on a sack barrow because of its now great weight – and installed in its original position near Our Lady of Guadalupe, to serve its intended purpose of receiving donations for the Guardians to carry out their work of promoting the Miraculous Relic Image up and down the country.

We believe that it will now prove very difficult to break into or move the box and we are very grateful to Martin for the many hours of hard work he has spent restoring it.

photo 1b

Guardian Martin works on the damaged donation box.