Little Way Healing Ministries return

Little Way Healing Ministries returned again to the Shrine as part of our 2018 programme

As part of our 2018 programme, Little Way Healing Ministries, led by Father Laurence Brassill OSA and Pauline Edwards, brought their team to the Shrine for a Day’s Mission. Our Shrine Coordinator, Guardian Donna, welcomed them and introduced the day. This was their second visit to the home of the Miraculous Relic Image; they are well known to us, the Guardians, having worked with them previously as part of our programme at venues on the National Pilgrimage Tour.

Both Father Laurence and Pauline shared a testimony of their journey in life and their pathway to the establishment of Little Way Healing Ministries. Many people had travelled a great distance to be with us, and it was notable that there were many young people in the congregation. It was a day filled with emotion, grace, healing, and joy. Those gathered in the Church eagerly received the message of God’s Healing Power, shared in testimony and experienced the laying on of hands.

We were very grateful to our friend and supporter of many years, Mags Reilly, for providing the beautiful music which accompanied the programme.

We are very blessed that Guardians Mary and Donna have both trained to be part of Little Way ministry healing team.


Donna welcomes all to the healing day.


Pauline and congregation listen to a testimony.


Laying on of hands.


Team lead prayer for healing.