Guardian Andrew: Message of thanks

Guardian Andrew sends his thanks to all those praying for him during his recovery. He is in good spirits and is very grateful for the all the prayers, good wishes, visits and support he is receiving.


Guardian Andrew (left) at Plymouth Cathedral July 2018

Blessed Mother Our Lady of Guadalupe, we place Andrew under your protection and within your mantle. Be with him and his family.

A selection of messages received:

Please reassure Andrew of my continued prayers and all my best wishes and love.  I’m sure our Blessed Mother is taking care of him and he will soon be back to good health. God bless. Angela.

We are very sorry to hear about Andrew. May Our Lady of Guadalupe keep watching over him. God bless him and his family. Rosa and family.

Please wish Andrew well from his friends in Portsmouth. Sharon & Sheila.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, take Andrew under your mantle and keep him safe. Maggie.

I am really sorry to hear that Andrew is unwell; he will be in my prayers. Father Wayne.

I do hope this is something that will pass quickly! I shall pray and we will also pray in our prayer group on Monday. Lots of love, in Christ, Ewa.