Second Planning Meeting at Croydon


The morning of 22nd May 2018 saw Guardians Andrew, Dick and Barbara travelling to St Mary’s Church, Croydon for the second planning meeting, with just a month to go until the Pilgrimage Visit takes place from Friday, 22nd to Tuesday, 26th June 2018.

Once again, we were given a warm welcome by the Parish Priest, Fr Michael Scanlon, Fr Michael’s fellow priests, Fr Mark and Fr Celestine, and by our Pilgrimage partners, Melvin Carty, Provincial Liaison Officer Knights of Saint Columba (KSC) Province 12, and fellow Knights Joseph Fadele, Joseph Ibe and Ravi Sandrasegara. This time we were also joined by KSC Provincial Action and Youth Officer Anthony Ilobi.

Most of the meeting was taken up with running through the provisional daily schedule for the Pilgrimage Visit, adding and changing timings and events to fit in with the local situation: there are seven Masses each weekend around which the events of the Pilgrimage Visit need to be fitted. Fr Michael told us that he had started to promote the Pilgrimage Visit in his homily last Sunday and that there was already a keen sense of anticipation in the parish. From the Guardians’ end, we have started to promote the Pilgrimage Visit in the Southwark Diocese and in the national media.

One of the highlights is the Schools Visit, which will, as usual, take place on the Monday morning of the Pilgrimage Visit, but a new event suggested by Fr Michael was an after-school session for parents as well as children on the same day. We look forward to parents sharing with their children the experience of being in Our Lady’s presence as just one event in what looks to be an uplifting weekend for all.