May Devotions to Our Lady


The Guardians with Brenden Thompson at Holy Cross Church

On Saturday, 19th May 2018, guest speaker Brenden Thompson, who is pioneering a new initiative in the Church ‘Signs of Life’, gave a talk at both St Philip & St James’ Church and Holy Cross Church, Bedford as part of the May Devotions to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The day began with Morning Prayer and a Votive Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St Philip & St James’ Church. This was followed by a spiritual talk by Brenden who went on to lead the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Holy Rosary.

The morning was well attended and it was lovely to see old friends from St Thomas Aquinas Church in Bletchley who had come especially for the occasion. While we enjoyed refreshments afterwards, Brenden explained that a few days earlier he had also visited St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School in Bedford and had spoken to over 100 students.

Brenden spent the afternoon at Holy Cross Church, where he gave a spiritual address for Confirmandee and spoke again at the 6.00pm Pentecost Vigil Mass.

It was a wonderful, spiritually uplifting day; Brenden’s devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, who always points us to Jesus, shone through. We also learnt even more amazing scientific facts about the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on St Juan Diego’s tilma.


Brenden speaks with St Thomas More students, Bedford