Our Lady’s Return Visit to Yarl’s Wood


On the afternoon of 9th April 2018, the Miraculous Relic Image Of Our Lady of Guadalupe will visit Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre on the outskirts of Clapham, a few miles outside Bedford, Bedfordshire. Yarl’s Wood, operated by Serco, is a fully contained residential centre housing adult women and adult family groups awaiting immigration clearance.

This will be the second visit by the Relic Image: the first one had a very positive response. We hope that the visit from Our Lady will be a memorable and uplifting experience for all.

A prayer for the Pilgrimage Visit and those detained and working in Yarl’s Wood.

Blessed Mother Our Lady of Guadalupe, remember them in their sadness.
Look kindly on those who are suffering or facing difficulty.
Have pity on those who are separated from those that they love.
Have pity on the loneliness of their hearts.
Have pity on those who are weeping, on those who are praying, on those who are fearful.
Holy Mother, please obtain for all of us hope and peace with justice.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for them.