Welcome, Vincent!


Fr Jeremy presents Vincent with Guardian badge

At the Guardians’ meeting on 16th February 2018, we were delighted to welcome Vincent Scheuber as a new Guardian. Father Jeremy Davies, our Faith and Spiritual Advisor, duly presented Vincent with the enamel Guardian badge depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe and the lanyard with name badge worn by all the Guardians.

Vincent has had a love of Our Lady for many years, having worked in his younger days at the Shrine in Lourdes as a Brancardier helping with the sick pilgrims. For several years, he and his wife Janina have been present at the Feast Day Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Shrine in Bedford.

Vincent spoke to Guardian Andrew in 2016 about arranging a Pilgrimage Visit of the Miraculous Relic Image to his home parish, St Hilda’s, Stevenage. This Pilgrimage Visit took place in October 2017 and was a tremendous success. Vince and Janina were both part of the planning team. The congregation felt tremendously privileged to have the Relic Image in their midst and they will long remember those special few days.

The Guardians look forward to working with Vincent.