2018 Pilgrimage Tour: St Mary’s, Croydon

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St Mary’s Church, Croydon

The Guardians are pleased to announce that the Miraculous Relic Image Pilgrimage Visit to St Mary’s Church, Croydon, will take place from Friday 22nd to Tuesday 26th June 2018. 

On the morning of 15th February, Guardians Andrew, Dick, and Barbara took the train to Croydon for the first pre-Pilgrimage Visit meeting to plan the programme for the forthcoming visit to St Mary’s. We were given a warm welcome by the Parish Priest, Father Michael Scanlon, and from our Pilgrimage partners, Ken Martenstyn, Provincial Grand Knight (in waiting) and Melvin Carty, Provincial Liaison Officer KSC Province 12, with whom we had worked last year on our visit to St George’s Cathedral, Southwark.

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Fr Michael Scanlon, Guardians and Knights

The Guardians were most impressed by the church and the halls and rooms on the site, which will provide excellent facilities for all we are planning to do during the Pilgrimage Visit. We were pleased to see that each room bore one of Our Lady’s titles, including the Guadalupe Room!

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The Guadalupe Room

The Pilgrimage Visit promises to be well attended; Father Michael told us that Mass attendance is some 2,000 over the seven Masses celebrated at St Mary’s every weekend.

We learnt that the church has two other priests, a deacon, seven different choirs, 115 First Holy Communion candidates and nearly as many Confirmation candidates. A wealth of devotional activities takes place. Father Michael is starting to build a team to coordinate the Pilgrimage Visit, so that all the various events which already take place, and those extra ones associated with Our Lady’s Visit, can be brought together harmoniously.

The Guardians look forward to returning on 22nd May 2018 to finalise the programme.