Provincial Grand Knight Pat Martin welcomed to the Shrine

RSCN9609Rector Canon Seamus welcomes Brother Pat Martin, the new Provincial Grand Knight Province 38 Northampton, to the Shrine.

Brother Pat Martin, the New Provincial Grand Knight Province 38 Northampton of the Knights of St Columba (KSC), accompanied by some of his senior Provincial Officers Geoff Cox and Kevin Gavin, visited the Shrine recently where, following Mass, our Rector Canon Seamus officially welcomed them on behalf of the Guardians and parishioners.

Pat and the Brothers were here for a meeting to learn in more detail of the Mission of the Guardians, the planning and scope of the National Pilgrimage Tour of the Miraculous Relic Image and the formal National Partnership Agreement between our two organisations.

Guardians Andrew and Dick hosted the meeting at which Jim Kinsella, the local Grand Knight of the Bedford KSC Council, joined us.


Guardian Andrew outlined the role and responsibilities of the Knights of Saint Columba as our Pilgrimage Partners, and we discussed the forthcoming 2018 National Pilgrimage Tour and details of the National Partnership Agreement.

Guardian Dick reported on the practical issues the Knights would come across during a typical Pilgrimage Visit. The Northampton Province will be assisting us, as they have done so successfully in previous years, with two of busiest events in our Pilgrimage calendar. We will be working with them on 7th October 2018 during the National Pilgrimage for Life at the Basilica in Walsingham and of course at the Feast Day Mass here at the Shrine on 12th December.

Provincial Grand Knight Pat stressed the need for excellent communications and liaison at this crucial local level and agreed that he would send Partnership and Pilgrimage information to all Provincial Brothers.

All who attended the meeting felt it was both informative, worthwhile and further strengthened the relationship and bond between the Guardians and the Knights. A further meeting was discussed, and it was hoped that a representative of the Guardians could be invited to attend a future Meeting of Province 38.