Plymouth Cathedral – Pilgrimage Visit arranged.

Plymouth Cathedral

Restored exterior of Plymouth Cathedral

Good news! We are pleased to announce the Pilgrimage Visit of the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Cathedral Church of St. Mary & St. Boniface in Plymouth will take place from Friday 6th to Tuesday 10th July 2018.

Guardians Andrew and Dick have just returned from discussions at Plymouth Cathedral, which recently re-opened following extensive refurbishment. The temporary closure of the cathedral had resulted in the postponement of the proposed Pilgrimage Visit in 2017.

Monsignor Canon Bartholomew Nannery, Dean of the Cathedral, and Terrence O’Carroll, Provincial Grand Knight (PGK) Province 19 of our pilgrimage partners the Knights of St. Columba (KSC), met Guardians Andrew and Dick and gave them a tour of the beautiful building.

The meeting afterwards took place in the Cathedral office. Introductions were made and Andrew outlined the general procedures for a Pilgrimage Visit. In the church, relevant photographs were taken. It was agreed a full programme would accompany the Pilgrimage Visit. There will be a major Pro-life event with a keynote speaker, visits from the local Catholic schools and a number of Prayer Services or Masses led by the Priests and people representing the local ethnic communities, as well as the usual series of afternoon reflections, prayers and talks.

Plymouth Cathedral interior

Restored interior of Plymouth Cathedral

During the Service of Reception and Guadalupe Mass on Friday 6th July at 7.30pm, the Relic Image will be placed in the sanctuary to the left of the altar. At the end of Friday evening the Relic Image will be moved, complete with flower displays and candles, to the Lady Chapel, remaining there for veneration, talks, and services until the morning of the Service of Return on Tuesday 10th July.

Plymouth Cathedral Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel

Plymouth is a vibrant University City and has a large Catholic Student Group. With the help of their Chaplain we hope to encourage the students to participate in the programme.

Bishop Mark O’Toole is being invited to be the principal celebrant at the Service of Reception, to mark the start of the Pilgrimage Visit.

Monsignor Bartholomew said he was delighted to host the visit and Terry O’Carroll (KSC) said the Brothers were looking forward to meeting the challenges the Visit would present.

A follow-up meeting was arranged for mid-May, to which the other interested and committed parties will be invited. There will be a separate meeting on the same day with KSC local council and provincial officers.

Guardian Dick thanked the Dean and Terry for their support and hospitality. This will be our first Pilgrimage Visit to the West Country (following many requests) and it is eagerly anticipated by all.

More details and the full programme will be published later in May.