Preparations for 2018 Pilgrimage Tour under way!

slough 00302

Divine Mercy Church, Slough

The Guardians are pleased to announce that preparations for the first Pilgrimage Visit of the 2018 National Pilgrimage Tour are under way! This will be to Divine Mercy Church, Slough, the home of the Polish community in the town, and will take place from Friday 20th to Tuesday 24th April 2018.

guardians Dick and Mike arrive at slough 01

Guardians Mike (left) and Dick

On Wednesday, 10th January, Guardians Andrew, Dick and Mike joined Father Dariusz Kuwaczka (the Parish Priest), Rosario Fichardo (the local Provincial Grand Knight of our pilgrimage partners the Knights of St Columba) and parishioner Millie Fernandez to lay the initial plans for the April Pilgrimage Visit.

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We are hoping to have a Bishop as the Principal Celebrant at the Service of Reception, a Director from the Knights of St Columba, and representatives from all areas of the community as honoured guests. The Relic Image will be widely available for veneration throughout the day, there will be talks and devotions, and there will be special events for the local Kerala and Philippino communities during the weekend. Millie asked for the inclusion in the programme of the regular All Night Adoration on Friday, 20th April from 10.00 pm to Saturday morning led by the St Pope John Paul II Community. This is a ‘first’ for a Pilgrimage Visit and Millie’s request was gladly agreed to. Finally, on the Monday morning, pupils from the local schools will come and hear more about Our Lady.

Behind the programme are all the practical details concerning flowers, music, repository, catering and publicity, which all go to make up a successful Pilgrimage Visit, and these were all discussed on 10th January. The Guardians of the Visiting Team look forward to returning to Slough on 28th February 2018 to finalise the plans.