Knights and Our Lady of Guadalupe

Knights and Our Lady of Guadalupe: Partnership goes from strength to strength.

At the Feast Day Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe last December 2016, we celebrated five years of the partnership between the Guardians of Our Lady and the Knights of St Columba.


Knights at Feast Day Mass, December 2016

We have now completed the Pilgrimage Tour for 2017 and we would not have been able to grow and increase its scope if it had not been for the partnership and dedication of the Knights all round the country. Brothers joined us from throughout their respective Provinces under the leadership of their Provincial Grand Knight, working long hours to serve the needs of the thousands of Pilgrims who came to venerate the Miraculous Relic Image at each venue.

Charlie McCluskey, the retiring Supreme Grand Knight, has been a tower of strength and we thank him sincerely for his support over the years. He is succeeded by Bertie Grogan, with whom we are looking forward to working in connection with the 2018 Pilgrimage Tour.


Brothers of Council 338 at Christ the King, Bedford, March 2017


Knights at Nottingham Cathedral, April 2017

Knights of St Columba standing before Relic Image

Knights at Southwark Cathedral, July 2017


Knights at Walsingham, September 2017


Knights at Stevenage, October 2017