Guardians welcome new Spiritual and Faith Advisor


Fr Jeremy Davies

As our Mission has developed and the demands of the Annual National Pilgrimage Tour of the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe have increased, the Guardians of Our Lady of Guadalupe, based at the Shrine in Bedford, have felt for some time that it would be helpful to have an appointed Faith and Spiritual Advisor. Reverend Jeremy Davies, of the Westminster Diocese, was invited to take on this role. The Guardians are now delighted to announce that, with the approval and confirmation of Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Bishop Peter Doyle, Father Jeremy has been appointed and takes up his new position as of 2nd November 2017.


Fr Jeremy (holding cross) at Walsingham Pilgrimage 2017

Father Jeremy studied English Literature at St Edmund Hall, Oxford and subsequently Medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. He graduated with a medical degree in 1967 and then worked in mission hospitals in Guyana, Nigeria, and Ghana.

He was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1974 and appointed to the Deliverance Ministry in 1986. In 1993 he co-founded the International Association of Exorcists. He has written many books and articles, and he lectures on the subject internationally. This work was carried out in conjunction with his role as a parish priest within the Westminster Diocese.

He has been a friend and supporter to the Guardians since our conception and has been Co-Celebrant at the Feast Day Masses and many other celebrations. His continuing works and ministry on behalf of the Pro-Life movement are well known, publicly defending the sanctity of human life through his preaching and active participation in Pro-Life vigils. Father Jeremy was a founding member of the outreach counselling service provided until recently by Luton Good Council to women seeking or recovering from abortion by providing emotional support and aid in finding life-giving alternatives.

His extensive knowledge of Catholic interpretation and the workings of our Church will allow the Guardians to discern and evaluate decisions, moving forward with wisdom and certainty. We are very much looking forward to his ministry among us.