40 Days for Life Vigils


The 27th October 2017 marks the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act in the United Kingdom, since when more than 8.4 million babies have been lost to abortion.

All over the world, ‘40 Days for Life‘ Vigils will be held in the month leading up to 27th October. We offer our prayers and thoughts, putting babies under the protection of Our Lady as Protectress of the Unborn and Patroness of the Pro-life Movement.


Guardians Sheila and Sharon in the Portsmouth Area praying under Our Lady of Guadalupe’s banner as the Vigil begins outside the Family Planning Centre, St. Mary’s Health Campus, Portsmouth

This is what is happening, not protests or judgement of others in desperate situations.

The crisis is global … and so is the solution: Prayer.

The 40 Days for Life campaign is taking place in 24 countries and 375 cities around the world until 5 November 2017. A typical 40 Days for Life vigil looks like this …


Pray to Our Lady Of Guadalupe for an end to abortion

Our Lady of Guadalupe with Your unborn Child; Jesus…

You appeared to Juan Diego and said:

“Here I shall listen to their weeping and their sorrows.”

“I shall take them all to my heart, and I shall cure their many

sufferings, afflictions, and sorrows.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe touch the hearts of all women contemplating an abortion who feel alone, confused and don’t know where to turn…take them to Your Heart.