Guardians welcome Nemia


Nemia, centre left, receives a welcome handshake

At their meeting on 15 September, the Guardians were delighted to welcome Nemia Corpuz as the Administrator for the Schools and Young Persons Programme. Nemia will make the necessary arrangements for young people to learn more about the Miraculous Relic Image when it visits their school, college, university, church or cathedral, or if they visit the Shrine in Bedford.

Nemia was raised in the Philippines, where she trained in the nursing profession. She is currently practising as a nurse for the National Health Service. She was raised as a Catholic and went to a Catholic school, where she found a strong foundation in her Catholic faith. She believes that if young people are brought up with the understanding about how important it is to have our Blessed Mother Mary in their early lives, this strengthens their bond with Jesus Christ.

She is an EVC child sponsor (Empowering Vulnerable Children in Uganda), which she finds extremely rewarding, and has volunteered as a member of the website team. She supports the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), where she is Liaison between SPUC London and Bedford.

We wish Nemia every blessing as she embarks on this exciting new role.


Guardians with their latest member, Nemia