St Hilda’s Church, Stevenage

Exterior of St. Hilda's Church, Stevenage

St Hilda’s Roman Catholic Church, Stevenage

The Guardians visited St Hilda’s Church, Stevenage for the second time on 15th August to plan in more detail for the Visit of the Miraculous Relic Image from Friday, 6th to Monday, 9th October 2017.

Andrew Hinde, Dick Gardner, Michael Manley, Michael O’Hara and Barbara Kay were once again given a very warm welcome by the Parish Priest, Father Michael Doherty, and by several parishioners and local members of the Knights of St Columba.

Bishop Paul McAleenan

Bishop Paul McAleenan

Andrew reported on the very successful Visits to Appleby and St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, over the last few months, and said he was sure the Visit to Stevenage would be equally successful. Father Michael and the team at St Hilda’s have already put many of the necessary arrangements in place.

The timetable for the Visit was discussed at some length and the final version will be available on this website in the last week of September. We are delighted to announce that Bishop Paul McAleenan will be Principal Celebrant at the Service of Reception and Mass at 7.00pm on Friday, 6th October 2017.


Second Planning Meeting