Keeping the Relic Image in Good Order


New tape has been applied to give a smart finish.

As you might imagine, taking the Relic Image round the country on Pilgrimage Tour results in wear and tear as it is put on its stand and taken off again many times. There is paper tape on the rear of the backing board and this had become ripped and was peeling off, giving the Relic Image a scruffy appearance. Although the back of the Relic Image is not normally seen, its nature is such that it is important to keep it in good condition. It was therefore necessary to call upon the skills of Guardian Martin Kay to remedy the damage. The Relic Image was removed from its frame with the appropriate prayers and laid face down on a table. Martin then removed all the damaged paper tape and replaced it with fresh tape, giving a much smarter appearance. The Relic Image was then replaced in its frame with more prayers and put back in its usual position in the Shrine, ready for its visit to Southwark at the end of July.

We are very grateful to Martin for using his practical skills in the service of Our Lady.

Photo of the peeling tape on the reverse of the Relic Image frame.

Before: Peeling and damaged tape gives the Relic Image a scruffy appearance.

Photo of the reverse of the Relic Image with assorted tools and the old tape partially removed.

Under way: The old tape is being completely removed to reveal the darker frame of the Relic Image.