2017 Pilgrimage Tour: Church of St Hilda, Stevenage

Exterior of St. Hilda's Church, Stevenage

St_Hilda’s Roman Catholic Church, Stevenage

The Guardians are pleased to announce that the Miraculous Relic Image will visit St Hilda’s Church, Stevenage, from Friday 6th to Monday 9th October 2017.

On the evening of 23rd May, Guardians Andrew Hinde, Dick Gardner, Michael Manley and Barbara Kay made the short journey down the A1 to Stevenage, where they were given a very warm welcome by the Parish Priest, Fr Michael Doherty, and several parishioners and local members of the Knights of St Columba in order to plan the forthcoming Pilgrimage Visit.

The team at St Hilda’s are very happy to provide the facilities and manpower required for the Visit to their beautiful church with its huge sanctuary, where Our Lady will be the centrepiece for the weekend. There are strong Polish, Philippino and Karela communities in the area and special Masses will be organised for them, as well as the usual devotional and schools events.

The Guardians look forward to returning later in the year to finalise the programme.


Planning meeting