Our Lady, Ark of the Covenant

An hour’s reflection on “Our Lady, Ark of the Covenant” was led by Martyn Furman at 7.30pm, St Joseph’s, Bedford on Friday, 5th May 2017:


An eager, well attended group met at St. Joseph’s Church in Bedford where Martyn delivered his engaging talk with great passion. He invited us to reflect on Our Lady as “Ark of the Covenant”, and reminded us of Her humble yet intrinsic part in The Divine Plan.

Martyn was able to share his personal knowledge of the Jewish Faith, highlighting its Ritual and Reverence. Here we discover:

  • “The Old Ark was the Physical Dwelling Place of the Shekinah Glory”,
  • “The New Ark (Our Lady) was the Physical Dwelling Place of The Word Incarnate”;
  • thus linking the Old Testament with The New in such a wonderful way.

Martyn’s talk included a lovely DVD capturing Our Lady in such a beautiful way.

The Litany to Our Lady seemed the perfect end to the evening.


Canon Seamus with Martyn Furman