New Van for the 2017 National Pilgrimage Tour


Our New Van for the 2017 National Pilgrimage Tour arrived with just two days to spare before we left for Nottingham. We have taken delivery from Limesquare Vehicle Rentals and Leasing in Milton Keynes. To limit ongoing costs we have taken it on a rolling short-term contract. Grateful thanks to William and Maxine from Limesquare for their help and their swiftness with the processing of the paperwork.

The larger size and higher roof of the Volkswagen Crafter means that we can store the travelling case on its side and we still have plenty of space for the repository stock and all the Pilgrimage peripherals.

We are ordering a ramp to make unloading easier. Guardian Michael said, “It is a great drive and makes the process of loading and unloading so much more organised and professional”.