St. Mary’s, Crewe

Planning Visit to St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Crewe.

Pre-pilgrimage site meeting

Pre-pilgrimage site meeting

On Monday, 23 November, at a VERY early hour (6.30 am) two members of the Guardians team, Andrew and Sue, left Bedford to travel to Crewe by road. Travel on the MI and M6 (helped by the use of the toll road) was trouble free; although we had a break for coffee we still arrived by 10.15 am giving us plenty of time to find somewhere to park and get our bearings.

On arrival at the Presbytery of St Mary of the Immaculate Conception, we were warmly welcomed by Helena Jarecka, Ursula Donne and Fr. Jerome Fagan. Over delicious sandwiches and cakes, detailed plans were made for the visit of the Miraculous Relic Image from 22-25 April 2016. We were shown around the beautiful church and viewed the Lady Altar where the Miraculous Relic Image will be available for Veneration. Farewells were said and we were very sorry to leave. However we are looking forward to seeing our new friends again in the Spring.


display area crewe

The Lady Altar

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