St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow

The Religious and People of Glasgow venerate, in their thousands, the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe during the pilgrimage visit to St Andrews Cathedral.

The Guardians arrived in Glasgow on 23 October 2015 bringing the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe for a five day Pilgrimage visit to St Andrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Glasgow. On arrival, they were warmly welcomed by clergy and people. There was a very full pilgrimage programme, starting with the Service of Reception attended by a congregation of over 400 and then Veneration of the Miraculous Relic Image on a daily basis. Each afternoon, the Guardians led large groups of pilgrims in the rosary and reflections of the message of Guadalupe. The Team spent much time receiving heartfelt and humbling testimony from the many pilgrims who felt they had to share a story from their lives with us.

DSC_0115Teresa and Anne, our Youth & Schools Coordinators, talked to schools and young people groups who supported the visit, and the children listened attentively to the story of the appearance of the Image on the tilma and the scientific investigations.

Service of Return, Glasgow 2015

Service of Return

The Relic Image was displayed in the devotional area of St Andrew’s Cathedral. Among 5000 pilgrims who came to venerate over the five day visit of the Miraculous Relic Image were Mary Doogan and Connie Wood (the Glasgow midwives) and many distinguished visitors from the Scottish Catholic Church and lay organisations.

Archbishop Tartaglia, Archbishop Emeritus Conti, Bishop John Keenan (Paisley Diocese), Bishop Toal (Motherwell), Bishop Nolan (Galloway), Sisters Roseanne and Andrea from the Cardinal Winning Prolife Initiative, John Deighan (CE SPUC Scotland), and Robert and Helen Graham who organise the Annual Prolife Torchlight Procession all came for private veneration.

The procession was held on the final day of the pilgrimage visit, Thursday 29 October, starting at 6.30 pm in George Square and ending at the Cathedral. About 1000 pilgrims, including many young people, took part in the march which finished with the Service of Return and the Mass for Life, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia being the principal celebrant. Only 600 people could be accommodated in the Cathedral and the remaining 400 followed the events on special relay screens in the nearby gardens.

Knights of St Columba guarding the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the devotional area

Knights of St Columba guarding the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the devotional area

The Guardians left Glasgow the following morning, full of admiration for the kindness and devotion of the Scottish people. The help given by the Knights of Saint Columba Province 1 Glasgow, under the guidance of Provincial Grand Knight Brian Henry, was very much appreciated.

The Guardians were thankful and publically acknowledge the tremendous support and contribution given by Monsignor Christopher, Procurator of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Fathers Joe and Joseph and the Cathedral team and staff to the success and seamless administration of the visit.